Special Events 
Black-Out -- Head thru our
Walk of Terror in complete darkness.   You never know
what awaits you
around the corner!

Ghouls Are Out -- 
The Ghouls have the
Freedom to Roam!!   
They could be anywhere,
and will follow you!


Ticket Booth is open 6:30pm-10:30pm.   Haunt is open 7pm-11pm.

October 2021

All guests must sign a waiver.   
If you are under 18 a parent/guardian must also sign.

Download here and bring it with you!


Coming for 2022

Twins of Horror -- Head thru the Walk with a stranger - in the dark - with only a night vision camera to guide you.   
You never know who or what surprises await you!


VIP Terror Access -- You get in on the scare and
mess with our guests with special effects.